Embedded System Engineering

Our employees develop your idea completely up to series production and take responsibility for the interfaces between all tasks:

  • System architecture
  • Hardware, software, mechanical development
  • Test automation from development via verification to production
  • Accompanying the certification for international markets
  • Transfer to series production
  • Life cycle management

We are supported by established partners in

  • Industrial design
  • Production, logistics and obsolescence management

The goal of our system engineering is to consider and minimise development, component and installation costs holistically in order to offer end users high product benefits.

Methodical Competencies

  • Analysis of use cases
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Requirement engineering
  • Creation of system concepts, architectures and designs
  • Model-based development and simulation
    • Simulation with MATLAB® und Simulink®
    • Simulation of mechanic properties like static, motion und wear-out
    • Thermal simulation
  • Interface design
  • Reliability analysis and design
  • System integration and verification
  • System tests in own test lab
    • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)
    • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)
  • Project management and coordination of all trades
  • Documentation and writing manuals including integration and safety manuals

Mechatronic Systems

  • Statistical and automated evaluation of measurement data with MATLAB® and other scripting languages
  • Measurement data storage in the controller or in the cloud, remote data access via the Internet
  • Modelling for linear and non-linear mechatronic systems - electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical
  • Development of linear and non-linear control concepts
  • Linearisation of control and system models
  • Derivation and development of real-time models
  • Joint testing of real test objects and real-time models in simulated load and setpoint environments on the Hardware-in-the-Loop Drive Test Bench (HIL)
  • Implementation, evaluation and analysis of measurement and test campaigns in the field of control and regulation technology
  • Performance increase of systems through parameter optimisation and tuning of control loops
  • Verification, validation and calibration of models using measurement data

Developed Systems

We have taken the following systems from the idea through the conception and development of hardware, software and mechanics into series production:

  • Gateway for operation room
  • Energy storage and management
  • Pitch control with energy storage for wind turbines
  • Wallbox for electromobility
  • Various measuring and testing systems
  • Water dispenser based on modular components

Innovation is the result of combining cutting-edge technologies: Like this rotor blade adjustment drive with energy storage for wind turbines (pitch system) with frequency converter and independent power supply based on ultracaps with 30 kW output power.


We use the same tools as our customers to ensure that our collaboration is as efficient as possible:

  • Requirements management
    • DOORS (rational software)
    • Polarion (Siemens)
    • Integrity Windchill RV&S (formerly known as PTC)
  • Modelling
    • Enterprise Architect (SparxSystems)
    • RAM Commander (ALD)
  • Simulation
    • MATLAB® and Simulink®
    • Integration of C/C++ based real-time code into the Simulink® environment
    • SimPowerSystems™, Control System, Curve Fitting Toolbox
    • Spice
    • SolidWorks® (statics, motion, fatigue, trend detection)
    • DNV GL Bladed

Tel.: +49 761 479799-677