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PSIRT - Cybersecurity forever!

embeX offers support for the establishment and work of PSIRT teams

Networked products in the Internet of Things are exposed to threats from constantly evolving attack methods throughout their entire life cycle. Larger companies have therefore set up their own specialist departments that continuously monitor the cyber security of existing products. This is generally referred to as Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT).

When vulnerabilities are discovered, customers must be informed and these products must be secured again immediately. For applications in the critical infrastructure, authorities such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) must also be informed in an appropriate form.

In order to support the majority of companies that do not have an internal PSIRT team in securing their products, embeX has now expanded its portfolio to include process consulting and team support services. It starts with the establishment of suitable processes, continues with their training and includes the entire product life cycle with services for monitoring, reporting and the elimination of vulnerabilities.