Mobile Automation

Let us develop your product! From the moment your idea is born all the way to production!

embeX develops complete system solutions and products, including reliable and functionally safe electronic controls, drives and sensors as well as their firmware and software. For mobile applications, we take into account the customer-specific requirements and the relevant standards in the respective target markets:

  • Agricultural and forestry machines
  • Construction machines and mobile machines
  • Municipal and special vehicles
  • Small electric vehicles such as e-bikes

Wherever intelligent control, sensor and actuator solutions provide more safety and relief for the operator, e.g. through semi-autonomous or autonomous solutions, we are your competent and reliable partner. We develop efficiently, based on innovative and proven technologies:

  • Electrification and digitalisation of previously mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions.
  • Industry 4.0: IIoT and networking of components in the system (e.g. precision farming, smart farming, M2M communication)
  • Control and networking of autonomous machines
  • Predictive maintenance, remote services, condition monitoring

Engineering Services

As a development service provider, we offer everything from a single source within the scope of project implementation. From the holistic view through system engineering to individual components, we develop hardware, software and mechanical solutions. This includes the complete life cycle from specification to verification and life cycle management. Through our certification service for functional safety, embedded security, and radio approvals, we prove compliance with the requirements.


Frequently implemented interfaces are:

Series production and life cycle

  • Once the development has been completed, we expertly adjust your production - or that of an EMS - and support your product throughout its entire life cycle.
  • We take the pressure off your team by providing competent support for your successful brand-name products.
  • In the event of component discontinuations, we will help you updating your products.

Agricultural & Forestry Machines

With our competences, we solve your challenges that the future of agricultural technology and forestry machines will bring. For the electrification of previously pneumatic or hydraulic solutions, embeX develops safe controls and power electronics. Our engineers develop autonomous solutions for your products in the field and on the farm, as well as their safe controls, sensors and drive components. We develop the necessary hardware and software for you, both for self-sufficient energy management and storage systems and for communication interfaces for smart farming that are protected by security.

Developed Products

  • Safe controls, sensors and power electronics
  • Controls and gateways with various communication protocols such as ISOBUS
  • HMI operator panels
  • Highly robust servo drives with integrated safety card
  • Concept development of a safe system with non-safe sensors for autonomous agricultural machines

Construction & Mobile Machines

We support our customers with our know-how to meet the constantly changing market requirements. An important driver for construction and mobile machinery is the reduction of emissions. We support the electrification with the development of safe controls for electric or hydraulic drives of lifting equipment and drive controllers for electric actuators. Solutions for energy recovery and energy storage as well as for the use of hydrogen technologies are also part of our service portfolio. embeX contributes its many years of experience in the development of electronic, functionally safe components and systems protected by security and provides support in the development of products that meet the requirements.

Developed Products

  • Safe controls, sensors and power electronics
  • Controls and gateways with various communication protocols
  • HMI operator panels
  • Safety PLCs for mobile machines
  • Highly robust servo drives with integrated safety card
  • System safety concept for mobile robotics

Municipal & Special Vehicles

We develop solutions for our customers wherever electronics are used in municipal and special vehicles. From controls and displays to safe warning alarms and signalling devices to complete electric drive systems. This includes new development as well as the development of replacement components and replacement solutions for existing products, while maintaining existing certifications and approvals.

Developed Products

  • Safe controllers, sensors and power electronics
  • Safety PLCs for mobile machines
  • Controllers and gateways with various communication protocols
  • HMI operator panels
  • Highly robust servo drives with integrated safety card

Small Electric Vehicles

Small electric vehicles are a defining component of e-mobility. embeX develops displays, controls and drive controllers on behalf of customers in accordance with the applicable regulations and normative requirements, e.g. for e-bikes and e-scooters. Customers benefit from our many years of experience in the implementation of safety functions and receive everything from a single source, from sensors and controls to actuators.

Developed Products

  • Motor controllers for micro-vehicles
  • Functionally safe drives and control technology for all installation positions in e-bikes

Standards and Directives

We work to the following standards and directives among others

  • Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC
  • ISO 13849: “Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems”
  • IEC 62061: “Safety of machinery – functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related control systems”
  • IEC 61508: “Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems”
  • ISO 25119: “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Safety-related parts of control systems”
  • EN 16590: “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry”
  • EN 15194: “Cycles – electrically power assisted cycles – EPAC”
  • ISO 11783: “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network”

Who to contact

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Head of Business Unit Mobile Automation & Transportation
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