Verification & Validation

Verification is a key issue in the quality assurance of software and hardware production. embeX pursues various methods to develop error-free products. Another requirement of the products is that they exhibit defined reactions to incorrect inputs and unexpected influences. The system’s behaviour is verified by systematic testing aimed at checking the software and hardware to confirm proper behaviour and defined states in abnormal boundary conditions or if there are disturbances.

Consulting and engineering services

System Verification

  • Definition and implementation of testing concepts
  • Development and production of test systems for automated control of test sequences
  • EMC tests - EMC debugging
  • Environmental tests
  • Type tests
  • Penetration and fuzzing tests for cyber security

    Hardware Verification

    • Hardware module tests
    • Hardware/software integration tests
    • Failure insertion tests (FIT) for hardware
    • MTBF, FME(D)A
    • Reviews

    Software Verification

    • Code review, incl. static code analysis
    • Module tests (Cantata, TESSY, VectorCast, …)
    • Failure insertion tests (FIT) for software
    • Tool qualification, tool validation
    • Reviews

    Continuous Integration

    The process of continuous integration makes it possible to automatically verify software at any time. In this way, we obtain a uniform and objective assessment of software quality and clear indications for improvement early on.

    Continuous integration is used extensively at embeX

    • to increase efficiency and quality through automation
    • in all projects relating to Functional Safety
    • as a basis for agile software development

    We would be glad to provide you with competent, manufacturer-independent advice including on how to introduce continuous integration in your company, and we can implement the entire toolchain.

    If you would like to become more familiar with continuous integration, you are welcome to execute your projects on our servers.

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