Verification & Validation

Verification and validation are key issues in the quality assurance of product, software, hardware and mechanic development. embeX has a large number of different methods at its disposal to develop products of the highest quality for our customers. We are the only development service provider with a TÜV Rheinland certified development process for functionally safe product developments.

Developed products must exhibit defined reactions in the event of incorrect entries and unexpected influences. The system’s behavior is verified by a systematic testing that checks the software and to confirm correct behavior and defined states under abnormal conditions or interference effects.

The validation is finally carried out by checking the product together with the user according to the intended use and benefit, e.g. by means of an agreed Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

Consulting and engineering services

System Verification and Validation

  • We take over the entire verification of your product or the implementation of individual verification measures - independently or in close cooperation with your development team.
  • Creation of verification and validation plans (V&V Plan) and test concepts
  • Creation of test plans, test specifications and test instructions
  • Development and construction of regression capable test systems for automated control of test sequences
  • Development and construction of test benches for electric motors and energy storage systems
  • Execution of EMC tests and EMC debugging
  • Execution of environmental tests
  • Accompaniment of the type test
  • Execution of Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)
  • Accompaniment of conformance tests for your fieldbus interface
  • Cybersecurity penetration, robustness and fuzzing tests 

Hardware Verification

  • Hardware module tests
  • Failure insertion tests (FIT) for hardware
  • Hardware/software integration tests
  • Calculation of safety parameters
    • FMEDA, FMEA, FTA, …
  • Reviews

Software Verification

  • Code review incl. static code analysis (Klocwork, Lint, etc.)
  • Unit Tests (Tessy, Googletest, Cantata, VectorCast, u.a.)
  • SW integration test
  • SW Failure Insertion Test (FIT)
  • Tool Qualification, Tool Validation
  • Reviews

Continuous Integration

The process of continuous integration process allows the software to be tested automatically according to the specified and implemented test routines. This provides the development team with a uniform and objective evaluation of SW quality at an early stage and clear indications of improvement. Continuous integration is used extensively at embeX.

We would be happy to provide you with competent, manufacturer-independent advice including on how to introduce continuous integration in your company, and we can implement the entire toolchain.

If you would like to become more familiar with continuous integration, you are welcome to execute your projects on our servers.

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