Embedded Software

Accompanied by excellent project management, we develop firmware and embedded software for our customers. The programs run highly efficiently on bare microcontrollers or as applications under operating systems such as embedded Linux. They scale from particularly compact, resource-optimized to complex code. Our focus is always on measuring, controlling, regulating, driving, communicating in real-time and using GUIs.

We support the communication in all layers: from data link to application. With own and with commercial stacks.

We use classical development methods as well as agile. The multitude of successful certifications of functionally safe products demonstrate the quality of our software development. The structured development and documentation of the modular software on the basis of a carefully developed software architecture enable a long lifecycle of the products. We use our own coding standards for C und C++ according to MISRA or take over from our customers. Reliable compliance with the coding guidelines is always guaranteed by Continuous Integration.

We use the following components for our solutions:

  • Operating systems
    • RTOS of various manufacturers
    • embedded Linux
  • GUI
    • Qt
    • emWin (segger)
    • Video Processing
  • FPGA
    • VHDL on Xilinx, Altera, Microsemi and Lattice
    • ARM® Softcores


We use the same tools as our customers to ensure that our collaboration is as efficient as possible:

  • Static code analysis
    • Klocwork
    • PC-Lint
    • Understand for C / C++
  • SW module testing
    • Cantata (QA Systems)
    • Tessy (Razorcat Development)
    • VectorCAST (Vector Software)

We have experience with numerous other tools used by our customers. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you would prefer another tool.