Motion Control & Simulation

We have extensive experience in simulating electric drive systems with MATLAB® and Simulink®. Depending on the requirements, we design, simulate and optimise control structures for your specific drive system requirements and verify them on our HIL test bench.

Engineering Services

  • Statistical and automated evaluation of measurement data with MATLAB® and other scripting languages
  • Measurement data storage in the controller or in the cloud, remote data access via the Internet
  • Modelling for linear and non-linear mechatronic systems (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical)
  • Development of linear and non-linear control concepts
  • Linearisation of control and system models
  • Derivation and development of real-time models
  • Joint testing of real test objects and real-time models in simulated load and setpoint environments on the Hardware-in-the-Loop Drive Test Bench (HIL)
  • Implementation, evaluation and analysis of measurement and test campaigns in the field of control and regulation technology
  • Performance increase of systems through parameter optimisation and tuning of control loops
  • Verification, validation and calibration of models using measurement data

Tools & Scripts

  • MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Integration of C/C++ based real-time code into the Simulink® environment
  • SimPowerSystems™, Control System, Curve Fitting Toolbox
  • Spice
  • Python
  • Java™
  • SolidWorks® (statics, motion, fatigue, trend detection)
  • PTC Creo
  • DNV GL Bladed