IoT and Communication

For the Internet of Things, embeX develops gateways, networked sensors and actuators as well as apps on behalf of customers. With our experts, we support customers from the embedded level across all domain boundaries to the cloud.

It is an important concern for us to combine the know-how from the embedded OT world with that from the IT on the entire way of communication and thus to guarantee the necessary cybersecurity throughout.

Due to our focus on automation and medical technology, we have many years of industry knowledge as well as experience from the integration of a large number of communication interfaces in hardware and software.

Our range of services starts with consulting on the use of suitable components and operating systems and ends with international radio approvals for products developed to market maturity. These products also meet the quality requirements of renowned manufacturers despite high demands on innovative strength.

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Development of
    • Gateways based on a powerful platform with RTOS and Linux OS
    • Industrial sensors and actuators with associated apps from a single source
    • Networked components for medical technology
  • PKI (Certificate Management)
  • It goes without saying that we also competently implement your security requirements in our developments, taking into account relevant standards such as IEC 62443 and guidelines e.g. by FDA.

Safe & Secure Multiprocessor Platform

With KISS embeX has developed a Safe & Secure multiprocessor platform especially for securing networked, functionally secure components, which has proven itself in a wide range of applications and significantly speeds up the process of achieving certification readiness through existing test programmes and documentation.

Developed Products

  • Application-specific gateways
    • For cloud connection of IO-Link devices
    • For particularly secure communication according to FDA guidelines
    • With four wireless interfaces
  • Sensors
    • With WLAN interface and web browser
    • With cloud connection and smartphone app
    • With MQTT connection to AWS
  • Proprietary protocols based on Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Remote update services for field devices

Interfaces and Protocols

We complement your successful products with special communication interfaces for further applications and new markets by offering the following services:

  • Expansion of hardware by adding communication chips and radio modules
  • Implementation of commercial and own software stacks for microcontrollers and FPGAs
  • Development of individual protocols for special requirements
  • Pre-certifying conformity tests

Implemented Inferfaces

LTE, Bluetooth, BLE, CAN, Powerlink, IO-Link, LoRa, Modbus, MQTT, OPC UA, PCI express, USB, WiFi

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