Functional Safety

We are the leading provider of development services for functionally safe devices in the fields of measurement drive, and control technology, medical engineering and for the associated control devices. Embedded systems ranging from SIL 1 to SIL 4, from PL a to PL e, from medical Device class I to III. We advise and support our customers in all issues relating to functional safety, when implementing a functional safety management system and during assment and certification.

Our safety experts actively work in the safety standardization groups such as IEC 61508 (SIL) and maintain constant contact with all renowned notified bodies.

Engineering Services

  • Competent and comprehensive consulting
  • Safety-related development projects with proof of conformity
  • Definition and implementation of a lean development process for safety-related products
  • Specification of safety requirements
  • Definition of safety concepts
  • Development of self test libraries (STL) for ARM® based controllers up to SIL 3
  • Standard-compliant verification and validation
  • Risk and failure analysis (FMEA, FMEDA, FTA) from system level down to component level
  • Calculation of safety parameters, such as PFH, PFD, SFF, MTTFd
  • Design and dimensioning of safety relevant mechanical components
  • Admission and certification: We produce the documents you need and represent you in dealing with the notified bodies

We work according to the safety standards and directives such as:

  • Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC
  • Medical Devices Directive: 93/42/EEC
  • IEC 61508: “Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems”
  • ISO 13849: “Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems”
  • IEC 62061:  “Safety of machinery – functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related control systems”
  • IEC 61496: “Safety of machinery - Electro-sensitive protective equipment”
  • IEC 61800-5-2: “Electrical power drive systems...”
  • IEC 61487-3: “Industrial communication networks ...: Functionally safe transmission in fieldbuses...”
  • IEC 62998: “ Safety of machinery - Electro-sensitive protective equipment - Safety-related sensors used for protection of person”
  • EN 60601-x “Medical electric equipment ...”
  • EN 62304: “Medical device software - Software life-cycle processes”
  • EN 50126: “Reliability, availability, maintainability, safety (RAMS)”
  • EN 50128: “Development of safety-related software”
  • EN 50129: “Safety-related electronic systems for signalling”
  • EN 50155: “Electronic equipment used on rolling stock”


Safety Concepts

    • Analysis of potential hardware faults
    • Selection of suitable hardware architectures
    • Dealing with non-safe software components (SOUP, COTS, legacy software)
    • Safe operation and parametrization

      Safety Architectures

      • Single-fault safety, Category 2 according to ISO 13849, HFT 0 according to IEC 61508
      • Two-fault safety, Categories 3 and 4 according to ISO 13849, HFT 1 according to IEC 61508
      • Initial fault tolerance according to EN 60601-1

        Self Test Libraries (STL) acc. IEC 61508

        • For ARM® based controllers up to SIL 3 high demand
          • Certified libraries available
          • Further Developments on request

        Safe Communication

        • PROFIsafe
        • CANopen Safety
        • CIP Safety
        • Foundation™ for Safety Instrumented Functions (FF-SIS)
        • Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE)
        • openSAFETY
        • Development of customer specific safety protocols, including wireless

        Safe Drive Systems

        • Safety functions for drives like STO, SBC, SS1, SLP and SLS
        • Active run to safe position using engery storages 
        • Servo converter, AC- and DC-motors

        Because IEC 61508-1 requires, that in case of security threats a vulnerability analysis should be undertaken in order to specify security requirements, we support our customers in the field of security.

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        Dr. Martin Lange

        Head of Department Functional Safety

        Fon:     +49 761 479799-14
        Mobile: +49 151 4223 2538

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        Tel.: +49 761 479799-14