Electronics Development & Tools

Development Process

More than 2000 person-years of development experience have resulted in a proven development process that you can rely on. Initially, functional safety requirements gave important impetus to the development process. Today, our customers appreciate the clear coordination, high efficiency and constant quality in all projects. The process also offers the option of a module for cybersecurity.

We are constantly improving our development process and supplementing it with modern methods, such as agile development and continuous integration. We are committed to introducing and applying state-of-the-art methods. Many of our customers also use joint projects to transfer know-how, and adopt parts of our processes and toolchains.

Development Expertise

Our team of more than 200 embeX experts draws on a broad range of technologies to find the optimal solution for every project they take on.

Standard-compliant Development

As our developers have extensive industry-specific knowledge, they are also very familiar with the applicable standards. The expertise needed to produce compact, reliable electronic modules forms the common basis for our work.

Project Management

Our customers take the quality of their products seriously, as their good name depends on it. We support them in this by providing them with maximum transparency throughout the project.

As part of the quote, our customers already receive a detailed overview of the planned work packages. Clearly defined interfaces for provided items and delivery items ensure that the project runs smoothly and meets all milestones. Of course, regular, concise status reports are also a standard procedure. We would be glad to adapt our reporting to your requests.

Long years of experience have put us in a position to recognise potential risks for projects very early on in the planning phase and then work with the customer to find solutions. We refer to this approach as “front loading”. This protects our customers from nasty surprises and guarantees products that function properly, as well as a timely market launch.

Consulting and Engineering Services

  • We specialise in development using the latest methods. We would be glad to present these methods to your project team and provide support in applying them to your areas of development.
  • You can rely on us for competent, unbiased advice in selecting tools from diverse manufacturers.
  • If you would like to become more familiar with continuous integration, you are welcome to execute your projects on our servers.
  • We will carry out product verification and type testing for your target markets.


We use the same tools as our customers to ensure that our collaboration is as efficient as possible:

  • Requirements management
    • DOORS (rational software)
    • Polarion (Siemens)
    • Integrity Windchill RV&S (formerly known as PTC)
  • Modelling
    • Enterprise Architect (SparxSystems)
    • Rhapsody (IBM Rational Software)
    • RAM Commander (ALD)
  • Simulation
    • MATLAB® and Simulink®
    • Integration of C/C++ based real-time code into the Simulink® environment
    • SimPowerSystems™, Control System, Curve Fitting Toolbox
    • Spice
    • SolidWorks® (statics, motion, fatigue, trend detection)
    • DNV GL Bladed
  • Hardware design & layout
    • Altium Designer
    • CR-5000, CADSTAR (Zuken®)
    • Mentor Xpedition (Siemens)
    • Pads® (Siemens)
    • Allegro® (Cadence®)
      • OrCAD compatible
      • HDL Designer compatible
  • Software review
    • Collaborator (SmartBear)
    • Cruicible (Atlassian)
  • Static code analysis
    • Klocwork (Perforce)
    • Understand for C / C++ (SciTools)
    • PC-Lint (Vector Informatik)
  • Software code coverage
    • Testwell CTC++ (Verifysoft Technology)
  • Software module testing
    • TESSY (Razorcat Development)
    • Google Test
    • VectorCAST (Vector Informatik)
    • Cantata (QA systems)
  • Testing environments
    • TestStand (National Instruments)
    • LabVIEW (National Instruments)
  • Mechanical engineering
    • PTC Creo (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER, PTC Engineering Solutions)
    • SolidWorks
  • Explosion protection
    • iSpark (PTB)
    • Rules checker for Altium (embeX)

We have experience with numerous other tools used by our customers. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you would prefer another tool.