PROFINET and PROFIsafe Integration

As a development service provider for embedded systems, embeX has extensive experience in field device development with PROFINET. We develop gateways and PROFINET devices professionally. We support you from the specification, via hardware and software development to the conformance tests.

Engineering Services

  • Conformance Class A, B, C (incl. IRT)
  • Development of hardware and software
  • Implementation of board support packages for ASICs such as
    • ERTEC 200P
    • Renesas Tiger
    • Anybus NP40
  • Integration of PROFINET stacks in microcontrollers
  • Implementation of stacks on FPGAs
  • Integration of the PROFIsafe stack into the relevant safety architectures
  • Accompanying the conformance tests
  • Integration of network nodes in the TIA portal

Realtime communication using ERTEC 200P

Engineering Services

In the Profibus and Profinet International (PI), the following future-oriented topics for which embeX offers integration services were agreed upon:

  • IO-Link Safety
  • PA-Profile V4.0, matched with NAMUR

Who to contact

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Head of Business Unit Industrial Automation
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Phone: +49 761 479799-73
Mobile: +49 151 422 32 553

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