Our Service

At embeX, we always look at the big picture and offer services that cover the entire development process, from the initial idea all the way to series production. During development, we take our customers’ own production requirements as well as all of the standards in the target market into account. Our certified quality management system ensures smooth operation throughout. Flexibility is one of our key strengths, and as a service provider, our sole focus is on the goals and processes of our customers. Your product’s success is what drives us.

We take our customers’ ideas and develop certified products for global markets – or provide support for sub-projects. From consulting all the way to certification.

Responsibility for the entire product life cycle

We also continue to support our customers after successful transition to series production, offering:

  • Production and logistics services
  • Further functional development
  • Last level product support
  • Obsolescence management

Your benefits

Access to more than 150 developers of embedded systems

Expanding expertise for new markets

Dealing with bottlenecks for best time to market

  • Handover of projects with a critical deadline

Long-term, reliable partnerships

  • Product support for the entire product life cycle
  • Competent and independent consulting on technologies and development tools